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The Raji and Fawzieh Sinno Historical Donations to FAFS

  • Date: April-18-2017

In an attempt to shape the future of agriculture in Lebanon and support this crucial yet marginalized sector, and through the generosity of Khaled Sinno, a successful alumnus and entrepreneur, AUB announced the establishment of the Raji and Fawzieh Sinno Scholarships and the the Raji and Fawzieh Sinno Promising Leader in Agriculture Awards. The Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences (FAFS) Student Services Office will also be named after Raji and Fawzieh Sinno in recognition of a generous donation supporting FAFS student services in perpetuity.

The Raji and Fawzieh Sinno Scholarships in Agriculture will fund 10 full scholarships for students over a period of five years. Two new sophomore students from North Lebanon who are in high financial need and are academically talented will be selected for this scholarship each year. The scholarship will cover all fees, ranging from tuition, to dorms, books, and a monthly stipend.

The Raji and Fawzieh Sinno Promising Leader in Agriculture Award will be granted to three high school students who have designed the best projects that aim to improve agricultural practices in Lebanon.

The Raji and Fawzieh Sinno Student Services Office is dedicated to providing FAFS students with academic, IT, career, and internship services and includes a welcoming reception area and essential storage space.

Khaled Sinno graduated from AUB in 1986 with a Bachelor in Business Administration. He is the owner, chairman, and general manager of Karma Lebanon, wholesalers and exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, and nuts.

President Fadlo Khuri thanked Sinno for his philanthropy and highlighted the importance of this initiative in re-integrating the North into the Lebanese map.

“This award and scholarship will help us shed light on agriculture and its importance for the Lebanese economy,” said Khuri.

FAFS Dean Nahla Hwalla thanked Sinno for his generosity and considered the signing of the pledges to be a “historic moment in the history of the Faculty.”

Dean Hwalla hoped that this will encourage those who need it most to study agriculture and bridge the urban-rural division in Lebanon.

Khaled Sinno stated that there are many reasons that pushed him to support FAFS, and one of them is his affection for AUB, “a great institution in Lebanon and beyond.”

“I feel that supporting students to come and study Agriculture at AUB would be an important differentiating factor for the North and disadvantageous regions in Lebanon. It will create hope for other students to follow,” said Sinno. “I think that Lebanon is in general an agriculture-based economy, and not only a servicing economy, and other regions like the North, South, and Bekaa aren’t being focused on. This initiative can be a step to shed light on the agriculture sector and the regions that are not being looked after.”

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