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Newly Renovated Reading Room Inaugurated at AUB University Libraries

  • Date: July-05-2017
  • Location: Jafet Library

The American University of Beirut announced the opening of the newly renovated Reserve Reading Room at Jafet Library. The renovation was made possible through a renewed contribution from Trustee Emeritus Ali Ghandour. The announcement of the Reserve Reading Room was made in a ceremony attended by President Fadlo Khuri, Trustee Ali Ghandour, Vice President for Advancement Imad Baalbaki, AUB staff, and friends.

Ali Ghandour was an AUB student and later an AUB Trustee serving from 1979 to 2008. Ghandour has been serving as Trustee Emeritus since 2008. Ghandour is co-chairman of Aviation Pioneers and Consultants, Lebanon, and President of ARAM Trading and Technology, Jordan. He is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Jordanian Airlines and has held multiple advisory positions in the aviation field, in addition to various Non-Governmental Organizations.

“Providing a comfortable room like this for students is to me a noble cause, AUB means a lot to me because it made me who I am today,” said Ghandour.

President Fadlo Khuri considered the provision of a space such as this room important for the psyche of the students and thanked Ghandour for his generosity.

“The enhancement of student life starts with better, more open, and more welcoming study spaces,” said President Khuri. “This reading room is an ideal study and relaxation space.”

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